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Free Teeth Whitening!

Paramount Dental is now offering Free Teeth Whitening*!

At Paramount Dental, our dentists believe that your smile says a lot about who you are! That is why we are excited to introduce our Teeth Whitening program as motivation for patients to stay current not only with their oral health but to encourage them to put forth their best smile!

By offering this fantastic opportunity, we want to encourage our new and existing patients to not only keep their oral health up to date but to keep their smiles looking new and fresh as well.

As General Dentists, we know that yellowed or stained teeth can make you feel less than thrilled with your smile. As we all consume coffee, red wine, tea or even tobacco, your teeth can stain more quickly. That is why we are pleased to offer this incredible opportunity for you to keep your teeth looking healthy and white.

Free Teeth Whitening Offer for New Patients from Paramount Dental

*Here are the details of our Whitening Offer (New Patients Only – must be over 18 years of age):

  1. Come in for your new patient exam & dental hygiene treatment.
  2. Once you have completed the new patient exam, dental hygiene appointment & necessary dental treatment. We will make a custom take-home whitening kit just for you.

You may be asking yourself, why can I not just have the take-home whitening kit when I visit your office next? The reason is that whitening solutions do not work well if you are suffering from tooth decay or other dental issues.

How Does the Take-Home Teeth Whitening Kit Work?

When you qualify for the take-home teeth whitening kit, we will do the following:

  • We will take an impression of your teeth and create custom moulds for you
  • From these moulds, we will fabricate your initial clear whitening trays (replacement trays due to loss or misuse will be subject to an additional cost)
  • We will provide enough teeth whitening gel so you can achieve a brighter shade of white for your teeth
  • We will give you instructions on how to use the take-home whitening system properly
  • You will have enough supply of whitening gel so you can keep whitening for up to two weeks at home
  • Voila! You will be on your way to enjoying a whiter, brighter smile – all at no charge!

We Love Whiter Smiles!  

The dental team at Paramount Dental just loves to see our patients have brighter, whiter smiles and to see our patients feeling great about themselves and their smiles! We encourage our patients from the surrounding areas of Panorama Hills, Country Hills, Harvest Hills, Coventry Hills, Cinnamon Hills & Surrounding Areas and surrounding areas to make their new patient appointment to take advantage of this incredible offer!

Let Paramount Dental help you get on the road to a brighter, whiter smile!

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