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If you are seeking dentures for yourself or for a family member, Paramount Dental in North Calgary is here to help make the process as easy as possible.

We offer superior solutions for patients with missing teeth. We offer traditional, immediate, partial dentures, including overdentures (implant-supported dentures).

Our denturist provides efficient, gentle, and quality service.  Call our office today to schedule your denture consultation appointment.

Did you know?

There are approximately 4 million Canadians wearing dentures. Ordinary dentures leave little room for customization. Men and women, old and young, get basically the same look. The result is a perfect row of identical teeth, which causes many dentures to look false.

What are Dentures?

Dentures are replacements for missing teeth that can be removed and put back into your mouth. A denture consists of a plate or frame holding one or more artificial teeth in place. Dentures can take some getting used to, and while they may never feel exactly the same as your original teeth, they can look natural and are now more comfortable than ever. At Paramount Dental, our dentures Dao Diep will advise you of all treatment options available based on your unique case.

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Conventional Full Denture

Full Dentures are the most common denture appliances made. After the affected teeth are removed, a full denture can be crafted to fit either the upper arch, the lower arch or both. The upper denture has a pink denture base that extends across the roof of the mouth to create suction and help keep the denture in place.  The lower denture is u-shaped and is designed to fit snugly along the bottom ridge of the jaw.

Our Dentures will take every step to ensure that your dentures look as natural as possible.  Innovations in replacement tooth design have come a long way in making dentures look incredibly natural.

The Typical Denture Process

When it comes time to fit your full denture, it will all depend on the type of dentures you have chosen and your specific needs.  The following is a basic outline of the denture creation process.

Generally, you can expect the creation and fitting of your dentures to take place over several office visits.  While your dentures are being made, there are immediate, temporary denture solutions to ensure that you are not missing teeth during the process.  An immediate denture can be used as a temporary measure while your gums and mouth heal.

  • Impressions
    • We will take a series of impressions of your jaw.
  • Models
    • We will create a waxed-up model denture in the exact shape and position of your new proposed dentures.
  • Casting
    • Once the fit, shape, and color of the dentures have been confirmed, the final dentures will be crafted by our dental lab.
  • Adjusting
    • Once the full denture has been crafted, we will make sure it fits properly and we will continue to make any adjustments needed.
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Partial Denture | Paramount Dental | North Calgary | Family and General Dentist

Partial Dentures

If you have one or more of your own natural teeth remaining, then a removable partial denture can be considered.  A partial denture replacement is made up of a gum-colored plastic base connected to a metal framework. This framework clips onto the remaining natural teeth to hold the denture in place in the mouth.

In some cases, a fixed bridge, also known as a fixed partial denture, can also be considered as a treatment option when adjacent natural teeth are there to support the bridge.  A dental “bridge” is considered permanent because it is cemented into place and is not removable. The advantage of the fixed partial denture is that it stays securely in place.

Some reasons for having a partial denture made.

  • To replace multiple missing teeth
  • To improve your ability to chew more naturally
  • To chew your food with confidence
  • To make it possible to eat certain of your favorite foods
  • To maintain your oral health
  • To aid in the preservation of your remaining natural teeth
  • To help prevent or treat problems of the TMJ (the jaw joint)
  • To improve your speech
  • To help you develop a more pleasing and confident smile
  • To support your face – – often with a more youthful appearance
  • To enhance your self-esteem
  • It can be an economical way to replace multiple missing teeth
  • Partial dentures are usually easy to repair if they are broken

What are Overdentures?

Have you lost most of your natural teeth? Then overdentures are a potential natural looking replacement that have health and aesthetic advantages compared to traditional dentures.

If you have found traditional dentures impractical or have felt, they have interfered with eating or speech. We offer Overdentures which are often called Implant Supported Dentures as an option to replace traditional dentures. These implants supported dentures are often called Snap-On/Snap-In dentures that attach directly to surgical implants that are attached directly to your jaw bone. The implants allow the removable overdentures to snap right onto them forming a stable set of false teeth.

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Some reasons to consider Overdentures:

  1. They can be comfortable and natural looking
  2. They support good nutrition in older adults
  3. They support Jaw Health, Jaw Function and stop that sunken in look
  4. Maintenance is straightforward
  5. They are a long-lasting solution
  6. Much more stable in daily use

Some drawbacks to Overdentures may be:

  • The dental implants require healthy gums & bone
  • The process can take several months to complete
  • The cost of Overdentures may not be fully covered by your insurance
  • Chewing hard or stick foods could damage the denture

At Paramount Dental, we know that there is no one single solution that is ideal for every smile. That is why we encourage you to book a consultation appointment with Dao Diep to discuss all your options! She will address all your denture questions and work with you to find the best solution that meets your specific needs.


We look forward to hearing from you soon. Call Paramount Dental at (403) 730-9882 to book your Dentures appointment today!

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