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Coronavirus Test Near Me

Coronavirus Test Near Me

Wearing a face mask, social distancing, and getting tested are among the things you can do to protect yourself from the novel coronavirus. The first two will minimize your risk of getting infected. Testing, on the other hand, helps prevent infecting others if you have contracted the virus.

To get your COVID-19 test, you should identify a licensed health center. If you are searching for where to get a ‘coronavirus test near me’ in North Miami, you can come to us at Family Medical Clinic. We provide FDA-approved tests and have lab facilities for testing the samples so that you can get your results in only a matter of minutes.

Our Coronavirus Testing Services

At Family Medical Clinic, we are a leading facility committed to helping meet the demand for Miami coronavirus testing. We offer two types of COVID-19 tests: the nasal swab and rapid antibodies testing.

The nasal swab test involves the collection of cells and fluids from the respiratory system. We conduct this by inserting a long swab into the cavity between the nose and throat. The swab collects fluids and cells that we test at our laboratory for the virus that causes COVID-19.

Rapid antibody testing, also known as the serology test, involves a blood sample. This test checks for antibodies that the body creates after you have been infected by coronavirus. Results for the serology test is available in 15 minutes.

If you’re undecided on where to take a coronavirus test in North Miami, you can come to us for any of these two.

How and When to Get Tested at Our Facility

Before we test you for coronavirus, you need to make an appointment with us. We’ll require you to fill a form where you will provide information such as:

  • Your personal details, including your name, date of birth, and phone number.
  • Details about any symptoms you may have noticed.
  • Whether you have had recent exposure to the virus.
  • Insurance details.

Our online booking form helps us to prepare adequately for you when you come for your visit. When you’re scheduling your appointment, we will also let you know about the terms and conditions that come with getting a COVID-19 test at our facility.

Instances when you should get COVID 19 diagnostics testing in Miami, include:

  • After exposure to the virus, if say you were in the company of an infected person.
  • When traveling.
  • When you start experiencing symptoms such as fever, fatigue, or a dry cough.

If you have been exposed to the virus, it’s important to get tested even when you are showing no symptoms. This is because you could be asymptomatic, or your symptoms may not have developed yet. In both cases, you could still infect those around you.

Get Tested for COVID-19 at a Qualified Clinic

At Family Medical Clinic, we are one of the best COVID 19 testing spots in North Miami. We have top of the line lab facilities and dedicated, highly qualified staff who work hard to make sure you get your results in the shortest time possible. Look no further than us if you’re wondering where to go for a ‘coronavirus test near me.’ To learn more about our services, contact FMC:

Coronavirus Test Near Me
Family Medical Clinic
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Coronavirus Test Near Me
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